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Ideas for Google Summer of Code 2007

Ideas and mentors for the first year is listed below


The ideas following below are just suggestions and actual project applications will have to be more specific and adjusted to what is likely an overcomable task for a summer.

Feel free to fill in more ideas.

  • Basic XML package - see design ideas
  • VFS package - see design ideas
  • Compression algorithms - see related thoughts
  • SSL support
    • ties in with the net package and crypto
  • Garbage collector alternatives
    • Likely to be fairly advanced, even for a not-so-advanced implementation
    • Looking for implementations going beyond mark-and-sweep
  • Start of multimedia library
    • basic sound functionality
    • vector package for 3D use
  • Projects related to pursuing D and Tango as the basis for a web development platform


Note that the names below are the likely mentors, depending on project selection etc

  • Kris
  • Sean
  • Lars Ivar
  • Mike "Aldacron" Parker