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Virtual File System design

This page will contain an evolving design of virtual file system interface for Tango.


Functionality related to accessing remote file systems and compressed directories, can be abstracted out to a common virtual file system interface. Since we're planning both FTP and compression support in Tango, it would nice to be able to provide this through a common interface, and make it possible for extensions to provide others again.


  • KDE IO
    • Note that KIO is GUI oriented, whereas we in Tango would want an interface that guis can use, but that itself is guiless.
    • Signals and slots of the Qt-variant are used in KIO, a proper S&S implementation would be needed in Tango to contain this functionality.
    • KIO is especially attuned to networked filesystems.
  • Crystal Space VFS
    • This one is mostly for local file systems and compressed libraries.
  • libferris


Here goes the design