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tango Regex loop infinitely

Moderators: kris

Posted: 03/15/09 17:15:54


I have problem. This code:

import tango.text.Regex;

const char[] input = 
r">ONE Homo sapiens alu

void main()
	scope re = new RegExpT!(char)(r">[^\n]*\n|(\n)");
	foreach( match; )
		Stdout.formatln("mt[0] {} \t mt[1] {}", match[0], match[1]);	

1. Segfault at runtime, if it's compiled with -debug. Crying for help on irc, fredreichbier told me that it is a bug.
2. So, i compile in release mode. It hangs infinitely when execute, either dmd or gdc.

What should i do now?

Linux Ubuntu 8.10
dmd 1.041
gdc 4.2 (0.25-4.2.4-3.1), download from ubuntu synaptic
tango svn:2009-03-08 10:22:37.011093 4394

Author Message

Posted: 03/15/09 21:30:44

You could look at this query, and make a note with additional information if it seems like it is reported before. If the case looks different enough, please create a ticket.