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getpid() and stdc.posix.sys.types

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Posted: 06/25/08 09:01:14

Not quite sure if this is directly related to tango, but...

I saw the getpid() function in stdc.posix.unistd. It wasn't excluded for windows, but it wouldnt compile since pid_t etc wasn't included for windows in posix/sys/types. I looked at mingw, and they has getpid and at least pid_t, ssize_t and off_t. I just added the definitions to posix/sys/types to get it to compile, and it seems to work ok, but I guess it wasn't included for some reason...

Can I expect any weird behaviour/crash because of this?

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Posted: 06/25/08 09:20:42

Do you mind creating a ticket where you attach your diff? Normally it shouldn't be a problem - the reason for this stuff not being in there, is probably that posix compatibility on Windows normally isn't a very high priority (in any quarters).