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Access MySQL Database

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Posted: 06/05/08 03:21:06 Modified: 06/05/08 03:25:02

I'm hoping to enter a project to create a sort of interactive web application combined with interactive network client (LAN party management can be quite complex). I'm wondering how I should try to access a MySQL database from D. Should I just use the C API? Is there a wrapper written? Should I try to write one? I imagine the inclusion of exceptions instead of error codes would be appreciated. I found a wrapper on Digital Mars, but it's written using Phobos and uses their string class. A Lot. I'll take a more detailed look at it tomorrow, but would it be very time consuming to port? I'm not familiar with Phobos at all (Heh, I'm still new to Tango and D, moved here from C++ and Java).

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Posted: 06/05/08 07:09:59

Hi Debio :)

In Tango land, Mysql access is covered via DDBI - it is going through some changes right now, but the Mysql backend should work if you take the code from trunk.