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Trying to build D DBI

Moderators: kris

Posted: 05/08/08 00:16:47


I am new to Tango / D and am trying to build D DBI (svn trunk). I am getting the following error:

dmd -run buildme.d all
buildme.d(117): function (bool delegate(FilePath, bool)) does not match parameter types (void delegate(char[] parent, char[] name, bool isDir))
buildme.d(117): Error: cannot implicitly convert expression (&addDirs) of type void delegate(char[] parent, char[] name, bool isDir) to bool delegate(FilePath, bool)

The documentation says that I need the bud build tool but I am having trouble compiling that as well.

I am using Tango 0.99.6

Is it still possible to use DDBI, or is there an alternative database access library? Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Posted: 05/08/08 07:47:02

I recommend using DSSS/Rebuild for DDBI - unless someone provides a patch, the buildme script is likely to be removed. In any case, this questions belong in the DDBI forum ( )and/or as a DDBI Trac ticket.