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tango.STL/DTL concrete suggestion

Moderators: kris

Posted: 01/07/08 20:30:52

Hi, yes I know ... we allready have tango.util.collection .. but from a C++ programmers view, respective a poor C++ porting guy's view ,a Tango DTL implementation would be smarter. Today I got a mail from Uwe Salomon (the Indigo library) in which he gives me the right to use/modify/copy his library : quote : "under a licence of your choice." f.i. BSD style; See attachment.
tangofying *required parts is not a huge effort. * posix random/and the Indigo container files

I guess people will appreciate having these containers in Tango, because they are similar to STL and QT

What do you think ? Bjoern Uwe's mail (german)

also bitte, hiermit bekommst du meine
erlaubnis, den gesamten container-code der Indigo-bibliothek (dies umfasst
die module core.allocmore, core.random, und alle tools.*) für Tango zu
adaptieren, umzuschreiben oder abzuschreiben wie es dir beliebt, und das
ergebnis unter eine lizenz deiner wahl zu stellen.

Author Message

Posted: 01/07/08 21:08:03

As an initial action I would suggest porting it to Tango and put it in Tango.Scrapple.

Posted: 01/07/08 21:10:07

Sounds reasonable... I'll give it a go ! Bjoern