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About UniD

UniD is a windowing, graphical-user-interface, and multimedia library for the D programming language, featuring operating system abstractions for Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X along with many additional systems, services, and utilities for rendering interactive 2D and 3D graphics.

UniD aims to follow Tango in providing a platform agnostic API. While not officially considered and auxiliary Tango project, UniD is programmed in a similar style in all ways as provide a possible integration into Tango proper an easy task.

Library strategy summarizes the most important considerations when designing UniD.


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UniD began in spirit as a C++ library called Onyx, which was rewritten in D as Terra. Due to increasing dependencies on GPL libraries like FreeType?, DevIL and Cairo more and more effort was being spent on ensuring the bindings and redistributable were working right, much less the licensing. Recently it was completely rewritten from scratch, with a completely new design and structure, following the lead of and making good use the Tango library. The only dependencies that remain aside from Tango and the operating system libraries for each platform are OpenGL and Cg, which are easily available for any system or already present on most systems.


Since UniD is not in a release stage, completion is an obvious goal. The first release will allow a developer to create rich 2D and 3D interactive graphics in one or more windows on any or all of the three major desktop operating systems without having to write any platform specific code.

Terms of use

UniD's terms of use are defined by it's license. The license can be described as dual AFL License and BSD License, affording flexibility for unencumbered commercial use. This is the same license that Tango employs.