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I'm doing a little experiment trying to install Trac on my local machine (running WindowsXP). Since I haven't installed it yet, you shouldn't assume my steps are correct. -- jcc7

I'm trying to follow the instructions as provided by the Trac team:

Once I realized there were Windows-specific instructions, I started using them.


I already have 2.3.5 and 2.4.2 installed (which are both >= 2.3), but I guess I'll use 2.3.5 due to lack of Subversion bindings for Windows for Python 2.4.x.


I downloaded the latest version: clearsilver-0.10.2.tar.gz from

Now, I need to figure out what to do with it. I started up cygwin, and changed the directory to where I uncompressed the clearsilver package:

cd /cygdrive/c/prgfiles/clearsilver-0.10.2

Then, I configured the installation as specified by the Trac install guide:

./configure --with-python=/usr/bin/python

But I got an error message, so I guess I was doing something wrong:

checking for gcc... gcc
checking for C compiler default output... configure: error: C compiler cannot create executables
See `config.log' for more details.

So I went back to the download website and found a binary to install instead: win32/clearsilver-0.9.14.win32-py2.3.exe.


I'm working with the assumption that SQLite is better supported by Trac than PostgreSQL (even though I'm sure PostgreSQL is a fancier database server). I downloaded some files from, but I'm not sure if I need to install them.

I downloaded PySQLite for Python 2.3 from, and I ran the installer.



I downloaded the Windows installer for the "Latest Stable Release": 0.9.3.

I ran the installer, but I might need to do something else at the command line to compile it with Python. (I'm not sure how much the installer did.)

I copied trac.cgi from "C:\PrgFiles?\Python23\share\trac\cgi-bin" to "C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\cgi-bin" and edited the first line so that it pointed to where Python23 is installed.

Looking at the Windows instructions, I think I might have missed a step where trac.db gets created. I think it's a SQLite database stored within a Subversion repository, but I'm not sure. Maybe trac-admain creates it?

When I tried to run trac-admin,

cd \PrgFiles\Python23\Scripts
python trac-admin c:\pgm\d\dsource\trac\trac_repos\trac.db

I got an error (maybe I need to go back and install Trac manually?):

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "trac-admin", line 21, in ?
    from trac.scripts.admin import run
ImportError: No module named trac.scripts.admin