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Welcome to TracForums

This project is a plugin for Trac that provides Forum, User Profile Management and Blog capabilities. It is geared toward medium sized projects that have a sizable community, and need to provide effective collaboration and communication in a way that a ticketing system and wiki simply cannot. Tracforums is also multi-project aware, allowing it to support more than one Trac instance from the same database.


Tracforums is headed fast toward Version 1.0. Please pardon our dust while we put the SVN tree through it's motions in preparation for this release.


  • Trac auth support - users log into Trac and have immediate access to the forum!
  • Full Trac wiki-text support for forum posts
  • Does not touch the wiki. TracForums data is managed distinctly from the rest of Trac's data
  • Complete security model: assign users as forum administrators and moderators, demote users to 'guest' if need be
  • Forum hiding and locking support
  • Forum, topic and message management support - move content just about anywhere, even between projects
  • User-specific "watch-list" notifications support
  • Posts may be embedded in the wiki via macros - ideal for using the forum as a blog or even doc comments
  • Full Trac Search and Timeline integration
  • User profile and avatar support, along with user bio and signature.
  • Multi-project aware: A single TracForums database can drive any number of Trac projects.


Click here for screenshots of the latest beta in progress.


You can see a live demo of an earlier beta of this plugin on the Tango project website.

Please see the current schedule of Outstanding Tickets for more information as to where the project is, and where it's headed.

Quick Notes

  • Trac 0.10.x or below (no Genshi just yet)
  • Push to Version 1.0 now underway. Watch the Timeline and Tickets pages for more information.

The published database schema is presently out of date. Brave souls can re-constitute it by browsing the referenced column names and types in the various models/*.py files. Please bear with us while we complete the automated installer.