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Welcome to TioPort

  • The TioPort Project does Java to D conversion of whole libraries and applications.
  • The TioPort application is the main component, the Java-to-D converter.
  • The D library dejavu is the replacement for the Java runtime library.
  • The tools BinToD? is needed to compile data files into a D application and make the data available over the Class.getResourceAsStream.

Project Status

Development appears to have stalled with changeset [357] on 2007-10-08.

Why is this project currently stalled?

Project Information

Name Tioport
Category Development Tools
Status 4 - Beta
Short Description Java to D converter
Long Description Converts Java libraries or whole applications to D. This projects also maintains a SWT port.
Home Page
Forum /forums/viewforum.php?f=77

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Special thanks to all the Contributors.