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Toolchain Issues

Tango is in many respects pushing D to its boundaries, and as such exposes issues with the surrounding tool chains. Typically these issues have a ticket in our ticketing system, but as the repair of them usually are outside of our control, they aren't a normal part of our release processes (although they will show up in the relevant milestones when fixed). Thus you will see a list of the known issues here, with links to the relevant bug reports for the toolchains themselves.

In addition to these, there are some workarounds in Tango for compiler bugs. These doesn't always have a ticket in Tango's Trac, but may be listed here with the corresponding bugzilla entry and information on the workaround. When the compiler bug is fixed, the Tango code with the workaround should be cleaned.

Issues listed here should always have a corresponding bugzilla (or other issue tracker used) entry for it too. If it cannot be shown that the issue in fact is a problem with the tool, it should be removed from this page.

For DMD, it is now possible to vote for issues in the Bugzilla - vote for the issues below if you would like to improve the situation for Tango.

Known to affect both DMD and GDC

These will most likely need a fix in the former, and/or the specification.





Affecting 64 bit GDC through DMD's frontend:

  • Implicit casting in templates - Bugzilla 617 - Workaround implemented in [3114]. 617 is now fixed in DMD, but workaround will not be reverted until a GDC release containing it.

Non-Compiler tools


  • tango.core.Thread API docs are not generated - #1586
  • Float module docs missing - #1646


  • DSSS installs .svn/* files - #897 - Ticket 195 - Workaround implemented in [3770].
  • Tango DSSS net install doesn't work on Win XP - #954

Other References

Bad releases

Many compiler releases cause problems for Tango without the actual problems being reported as Tango tickets. Below is a list of compiler releases that are not supported by Tango (some may have been supported in the past, or work with Tango on a later date, but no work will be done to accomodate these compiler releases in the future.)


  • 1.032


  • 0.24

Fixed issues