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Map with Hotel Locations


Hotels List

NameRoom typePrice
GotykSingle Room
Double Room
190 PLN
270-320 PLN
HebanDouble Room
Suit (3 beds)
Suit (4 beds)
260 PLN
300-380 PLN
350 PLN
Mercure-HeliosSingle Room
Double Room
256 PLN
281 PLN
Petite FleurSingle Room
Double Room
210 PLN
270 PLN
Pod Czarną RóżąSingle Room
Double Room
153 PLN
189 PLN
288 PLN
RetmanSingle Room
Double Room
160 PLN
200 PLN
FilmarSingle Room
Double Room
Triple Room
260 PLN
300 PLN
340 PLN
University HotelSingle Room [1 left]
Double Room(one bed)[6 left]
Double Apartment(one bed)[2 left]
120 PLN
200 PLN
250 PLN
University dorm #6 (close to the dept,
must register at least a week before the conf)
Single Room
Double Room*
42.80 PLN
37.45 PLN

Prices can change at any time.
In the following week we will confirm all prices.
* Please provide the name of the second person, if possible