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Welcome to the Schooner project

This project is a collection of OpenGL libraries for the D programming language.

Bradley Smith has left this project, and baxissimo is in charge now.

Project Status

This project seems to have gone dormant since changeset 65 was committed on 2008-06-05.


Schooner GLD is a framework for OpenGL application development. Currently, GLD is essentially D language port of the GLFW library. Why port GLFW to the D language? While it is true that the GLFW library can be used directly, a D language port allows projects to modify the library without having to work in two languages.

See the GLD Demos.


Schooner Fonts is a library to enable use of fonts in OpenGL applications. The Freetype library is used to decode font files. The fonts can be rendered in several different modes:

  • Bitmaps
  • Anti-aliased pixmaps
  • Texture maps
  • Outlines
  • Polygon meshes
  • Extruded polygon meshes

Currently, Schooner Fonts is essentially D language port of the FTGL library. Unlike GLD above, a D language port is necessary because FTGL is written in C++ and can't be used directly in the D language.

See the Fonts Demo.


Schooner GLD and Schooner Fonts are now packaged in one download.

Current release: Version 3

Windows binary for DMD:
Windows binary for GDC:
Linux binary for DMD: schooner-3-linux-dmd.tar.gz
Linux binary for GDC: schooner-3-linux-gdc.tar.gz
Version 3 works on Windows and Linux, but has only been minimally tested using the example programs included.


Feedback, patches, and contributions are welcomed in the discussion forum.

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