Note: This website is archived. For up-to-date information about D projects and development, please visit

The home of rulesPlayer moved officially here. Big thanks to Tod for this website.
This page here will continue to exist for 'technical reasons'.

rulesPlayer blog

I have set up a little blog to keep people informed what is going on with the player. You can learn about the upcoming version there.

Welcome to rulesPlayer

A graphical interface for MPlayer under Windows, written in D and DWT

Few screenshots here
A link to the forum
To do list

Browse the SVN repository
The home of mozplugged, a subproject, aimed at creating a wrapper plugin for mozilla to allow development of plugins in D.


  • Media Player Classic is damn slow (with certain combinations of codecs), BSPlayer not much better
  • ALShow doesn't support .srt subtitles
  • MPUI is not very customizable and is ugly and not very fast...
  • VLC's subtitles are awful
  • MPlayer rules, but without GUI is useless

Download (0.99.3)

Archived binary
Browse translations (put the file(s) in the rulesPlayer's directory and the language will appear in the menu)
rulesPlayer help in .chm format (thank again to Tod)
To see what's new read the changelog

Note (if you have existing version of the player)

In most cases to make the latest version really work you need to replace configuration files (installer) or reset the configuration to the default (see readme), or at least type this in the console: "reset mp_params".

FAQ (or something like that)

First of all, if you are going to use the console see readme.txt for some basic tips how it works...

How to change subtitles codepage?
Type this in the console: sub_codepage latin2

How to pass custom parameters to MPlayer?
Type this in the console: mp_more "your stuff goes here"

How to change associated files' icon?
Type this in the console: fileicon 2, where 2 is number from 0 to 5, and associate the files again. To see what the icons look like right-click the rulesPlayer shortcut/properties/change icon

Why my screen color corrections won't affect the video inside rulesPlayer?
Because it is an overlay surface. Use overlay color controls of your video card or the built in color controls.

The videos appear too bright, what should I do?
First check the overlay color controls of your video. You can also try this solution posted in the forum here...

Can I make the left mouse drag the window instead of pausing the movie?
Type this (no quotes): "bind mouse1 @dragwindow" . Note that it works only with the primary mouse button.