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Welcome to QonkD

QonkD is a simple build-and-conquer space strategy game.

It's a re-implementation of Qonk, that aims to enhance it and add multiplayer game.

Project Status

Development seems to have stalled with changeset 50 on 02-12-2008.


I do not plan to release compiled binaries until the project reaches Beta status.

The source is avaiable via subversion:

svn checkout qonkd

If you don't have subversion you can download the latest version of the source tree here.
(After unpacking, it's a good idea to rename the "trunk" directory to "qonkd".)

To run the game you must copy a TTF font file of your choice to the current directory, with the name "font.ttf".

Build instructions

NOTE: The following instructions are not well tested.
If you find any problem, please complain in the forum.


  • Install the D compiler.
  • Install the build utility.
  • Make sure both are on %PATH%. You can put dmd/bin on %PATH% and copy the build.exe there.
  • Go to QonkD dir and run build.bat.
  • To run QonkD you'll need DLLs for the SDL, SDL_ttf, and SDL_gfx libraries, which I packaged for you here.


  • Install the D compiler.
  • Go to QonkD dir and run 'make'.
  • To run QonkD you'll need SDL, SDL_ttf, and SDL_gfx libraries installed.