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Welcome to Odin's Eye

Odin's Eye is a 3D engine written entierly in D. This is my first 3D engine ever so bare with me. Right now it supports a basic .. or extensive? :P .material file format And can load simple non textured .obj models, scaling, and moving and rotation is implemented.

new features are added almost every day, so check it out, play with it, Im using CodeBlocks? as IDE so might be simplest.

Ive descided not to make it as a lib as of yet as i test features all the time, later it will be tho :)

Style Guide

Material Format

Starting Points

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  • root.jpg (13.8 kB) -Screenshot of Odin's Eye Engine, added by Anonymous on 02/25/08 19:31:02.
  • with_without_materials.jpg (12.7 kB) -Testing of material files and multiple objects/rendering passes etc, added by MrSunshine on 03/16/08 18:34:39.
  • Screenshot-Odin's Eye.png (44.7 kB) -Odin's Eye with MD2 model loaded (And animated), added by Anonymous on 06/17/08 20:42:35.