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Welcome to the Mango Tree guestbook

Thanks for your interest in Mango ~ please feel free to introduce yourself! - Kris

Well, I guess I get to be the first to sign the guestbook. I've always been a fan of this project, Kris. I hope it remains an important part of D for many years to come. I wish you the best! - John Reimer (aka JJR)

Mango breaks the current programming I/O paradigm by putting performance and function first. Mango is one of the first large-scale D library projects and quite possibly one of the best. - Eric Anderton (aka Pragma)

Wow, I'm impressed! Good work. - Dieter Dannerbeck (aka hotzenplotz)

I can't even tell you how impressive I think this library is - along with Tango (especially I think these two projects are an essential part of what D as a whole means to me and my projects. Simply awesome! - Valeriu Palos (aka valeriupalos - :) haha)