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Supported platforms and architectures

  • These are for D1 LDC, D2 is working on x86-32 Linux only atm..
  • You are welcome to help to improve/extend support!

x86-32 Linux

x86-64 Linux

x86-32 Mac

  • no big open issues?
  • needs tests!
  • locking primitives not verified to work
  • contact: fawzi, doob

x86-32 Windows using MinGW

x86-64 Windows

  • Issues with MinGW32 in WOW mode & MinGW64 doesn't seem to be production quality, so using MSVC
  • LDC compiles w/ patch (see ticket #98 for patch)
  • runtime doesn't compile (yet!)
  • no exception handling, inline asm, etc.
  • untested
  • contact:


  • LDC compiles, but bugs in frontend
  • porting of GDC fixes suggested
  • runtime, inline asm and exception handling need work
  • contact: none

x86-32 Haiku

  • reported as working

x86-32 FreeBSD

  • runtime, inline asm and exception handling need work (still the case?)
  • contact: mwarning

x86-64 FreeBSD

  • support is brand new and only in LDC HEAD with llvm 2.7
  • contact: ruben


  • Supposed to work?
  • A version of LDC compiled to emit ARM and Thumb code, paired with a custom runtime, has been used to successfully compile programs for a Nintendo DS, but nothing very formal or official has been gotten together


  • Check forum

Other platforms here

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