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Welcome to guisterax

Project Status

Development appears to have stalled after changeset [58] on 2009-07-14.

Project Information

Status4 - Beta
Short DescriptionMaelstrom inspired game
Long DescriptionThis is a space ship game. You have to shoot at asteroids to break them into smaller parts until they finally disappear. You can collect gold and upgrade your space ship with it.
Home Page


Guisterax is a small arcade game similar to the old asteroid. All the graphics have been done with blender.

Have fun ! And don't forget to put a comment in the forum

Guillaume Chéreau
my blog


Under windows you can get the game there
For linux you can get it there

A much better way is to retrieve the last version of the sources from svn with this command:

  svn co

To compile under linux you need to have gdc installed, then from guisterax directory type :


If you prefer using dmd instead of gdc, you can type :

  make dmd

If you use dsss, you can type (this should work under windows too, but I haven't try yet):

  dsss build

If you are under a mingw environment with gdc, you can type :

  make mingw

Game play

Use the left, right, and up arrow keys to move the ship. Space bar to fire.

Between each waves you can buy upgrades to your ship.