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For documentation on a newer version of Goldie, see Documentation For Specific Versions.

Goldie: Building

In Your Own Project

Once you've installed Goldie and SemiTwist D Tools, all that's left to do is import Goldie in your code:

import goldie.all;

And build your project as you normally would.

See the API Overview and the included Sample Apps for instructions on how to use Goldie.

Sample Apps

Goldie already comes with pre-built binaries of its sample apps for Windows and Linux x86. But you can still build them yourself with STBuild (part of SemiTwist D Tools).

1. Make sure your path includes DSSS's bin directory (for Rebuild, which is required by STBuild) and SemiTwist D Tools's bin directory (for STBuild).

2. If you're not using Windows or Linux x86, you'll need to build SemiTwist D Tools. From SemiTwist D Tools's root directory:


3. From Goldie's root directory:

stbuild all

See the SemiTwist D Tools documentation for more detailed information on STBuild.

(SemiTwist D Tools documentation don't currently exist yet...but you can run stbuild --help for basic command-line information and look at the stbuild.conf files from both SemiTwist D Tools and Goldie as examples.)