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The D GDB Patches Project

This project is dedicated to creating patches against GDB to support debugging applications written in the D programming language.


Add dynamic arrays support. Strings also supported, but not wide strings.


  • Adds D symbol demangling
  • For GDB6.4 and 6.3, Adds support for DW_LANG_D, so D programs compiled with -g don't crash GDB. GDB 6.5 already has this.


GenericInstallation instructions

GDB Versions

  • GDB 6.8 supported.
  • GDB 6.5 supported. (Thanks to Jonas Thedering on this)
  • GDB 6.4 supported and no known bugs.
  • GDB 6.3 patch exists. No active development, however.

Project Status

Project back to life. I (Mihail Zenkov) try keep this project up to date. Thanks to teqdruid!