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Porting of SWT components

  • Browser win/linux
  • Phobos compatibility
  • Test and fix OLE
  • Implement the WeakHashMap?, Java collections
  • Investigate shared library version of DWT, make the win import libs unneeded.


  • ui.forms FormTextModel? need to reimplement the XML parsing with tango parser
  • ui.forms BreakIterator? is needed either with Mango ICU, with some regex or a simple own impl.


  • PaintExample
  • ControlExample Set/Get API
  • LayoutExample
  • GraphicsExample
  • FileViewerExample
  • DndExample
  • BrowserExample
  • HoverHelpExample
  • ImageAnalyserExample
  • JavaViewerExample
  • Lots of snippets
  • Unittests from

Further SWT Ports

  • Mac OS X has been started by Jacob Carlborg, "...but don't count on it too much because I don't have much time right..."