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Requirements for DWT


  • Windows 32 bit, Win2k, WinXp, Vista
  • Linux 32 Bit
  • Mac OS X Cocoa (Intel x86 32-bit)


  • DMD –
    • DMD 1.028 was OK (not tested with current tango/dwt)
    • DMD 1.029 does not work, crash in anonymous classes
    • DMD 1.030 does not work, crash in anonymous classes
    • DMD 1.031 was OK, does not work with tango 0.99.7 release
    • DMD 1.032 did never work with tango
    • DMD 1.033 OK, tested with tango 0.99.7 release and DWT 3.4-1
    • DMD 1.034 OK
    • DMD 1.035 OK
    • DMD 1.037 OK

  • GDC – mandatory for Macintosh OS X, untested on Linux and Windows
  • LDC - untested (probable target for future dwt releases)

Build system (one of):

Runtime library:

Version system (optional):


Other Dependencies

  • XULRunner 1.8+ (for runtime embedded components)
  • XULRunner SDK 1.8+ (for linktime libraries)

The DWT Browser portion of the library requires a mozilla installation that serves XPCOM to applications. The simplest way to make XPCOM available to DWT is by installing a version of XULRunner on your system. You can get the package for linux or windows. If you are using Linux, most distributions already provide a version of XULRunner pre-installed. If not, it may be easier to install one through your distributions package management system (Look for XULRunner in the add/remove package list).

If you have Firefox 3.0+ installed on your system, it may be possible to use the private XULRunner supplied with that browser, but this has not yet been tested with dwt.

XULRunner is necessary for running browser based dwt applications. For building your browser based project, you will also need to grab the XULRunner SDK and install it. This will provide the only other dependency: libxpcomglue.a (or xpcomglue.lib on windows).

The preferred version of XULRunner on linux is currently 1.8.