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The release are parted into the 4 development repositories or available as a single package. Each is available as ZIP or TAR/BZIP2 archive.

The naming scheme is the package type, dash, SWT version number the release is based on, dash, DWT version number.

For windows the is needed.

For debugging on linux Jive can be used. Just import jive.stacktrace; and compile with debug info. On Linux-Ubuntu it needs the libbfd which is part of the binutils-dev package.

Release 3.4-1

This release uses Tango 0.99.7 and DMD 1.033

Linux DWT 3.4 1 .tar.bz2 .zip
Windows DWT 3.4 1 .tar.bz2 .zip
DWT Addons Package (JFace, UI.Forms) .tar.bz2 .zip
DWT Samples (snippets, SWT examples, JFace examples) .tar.bz2 .zip
DWT all the above in one package .tar.bz2 .zip

Release 3.4-2

not yet released

New Features:

  • Update SWT 3.4.1
  • DMD 1.035 and Tango 0.99.8
  • Language File Support
  • Collection imports like import dwt.all; or import dwt.std;
  • JFace Text component

Breaking Changes:

  • SWT ports need an additional -J switch, pointing to the res directory