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DWT Features

There was a presentation about DWT features.

There is a collection of documentation links.

Features from SWT

SWT is a cross plattform widget toolkit. See the Wikipedia article or the SWT homepage. There is also a composition of many widget screenshots.

  • native widgets as far as available on the platform: Button, Canvas, Caret, ColorDialog, Combo, Composite, CoolBar, DateTime, Dialog, DirectoryDialog, ExpandBar, FileDialog, FontDialog, Group, IME, Label, Link, List, Menu, MessageBox, ProgressBar, Sash, Scale, ScrollBar, Shell, Slider, Spinner, TabFolder, Table, Text, ToolBar, ToolTip, Tracker, Tray, Tree
  • emulated widgets: Bullet, CBanner, CLabel, CTabFolder, PopupList, SashForm, ScrolledComposite, StyledText, ViewForm
  • own widgets possible
  • various image formats supported GIF, BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIF
  • bidirectional text and upcoming mirrored GUI
  • Drag and Drop with desktop integration
  • IME support
  • Printing support
  • OLE support (windows only)
  • OpenGL can be embedded (needs Derelict)
  • Windows and Linux. Mac Cocoa port is work in progress.
  • Browser widget using Mozilla is work in progress.

Features from JFace

Resource management

  • Registries for finding Images/Colors/Fonts by a string id
  • lazy instantiation and disposal.
  • ResourceManagers for reference counted use of resources.
  • Change notification for Fonts and Colors.

Application Preferences

  • storage of preference values into files.
  • Preference dialog with easy to code pages
  • many predefined value editors with automatic layout

Widget Decoration

  • Shows helpful icons on the edge of widgets

Field Assist

  • proposal list for text and combo fields
  • optional icons

Concept of Actions and ContributionItems

  • combine menu entry, toolbar entry, shortcut and the handler code into actions
  • propagates the enable state or the selection state to all visual representations

Long running operation support

  • a modal context for long running operations while a progress bar is show
  • optional cancel button
  • ProgressMontiors to collection progress information (nestable)


  • Model-View-Controller for List, Table, Tree
  • separated model handling, visual representation, change management, filtering, sorting, decoration

ApplicationWindow with support for JFace concepts

Various Dialogs, Popups, Wizards

Features from JFace Text

This is the text editor component of Eclipse.

  • Rulers
  • Folding
  • Hovers
  • Syntax highlighning
  • Autocompletion
  • Annotations
  • ...

Features from Draw2d

This is the basis of the GEF project and allows to draw figures that are hierarchical structured.

Features from Eclipse Core

  • Undoable operations
  • Concurrent background activities, the jobs framework

Features from Eclipse UI Forms

  • Flat Look&Feel
  • Declarative GUI