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Official Contributors

  • Frank Benoit

Initial port and maintenance

  • John Reimer

Initial port and maintenance

  • Jacob Carlborg

Initial port and maintenance of DWT-Mac, Activation of WinXP theming

  • Jesse K Phillips

Examples, Snippets

  • Thomas Graber

Reviewing dwt-win switch defaults, Examples

  • Zhiguang Liang

port of the DateTime widget for dwt-win, bug fixes

  • Bill Baxter


  • "torhu"

dwt-win aliases and overrides, bug fixes

  • "yidabu"

lots of bug reports, JFace snippets, preference field editors from CDT

  • Enzo Petrelli

OLE fixes

  • "WasserDragoon"

Ported Novocode and example

Adopted Code

  • SWT, Eclipse
  • Shawn Liu code from the DWT 0.36
  • Bill Baxter's WeakRef? code
  • dxpcom for Mozilla browser component