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Welcome to DWin


DWin is a library for the D Programming language, Packages included in DWin cover such areas as : Windows COM client programming, Windows IE automation, PCRE Regular Expression, SQLite D wrapper and more...

DWin 0.40 has been released with pr-build static dwin.lib in dwin/lib directory for Windows, tested with DMD 1.056 and Tango 0.99.9 on Windows (should works on Linux too)

Download DWin

Download SciTE4D 0.19


Anyone is free to suggest or contribute to DWin.

Why DWin

* :

ported to Tango to support Windows COM stuff.

* dwin.sys.win32.Registry:

ported juno.utils.registry to Tango.

* :

wrappers of Windows Internet Exploer functions.

* dwin.text.pcre :

The Regular Expression module in D based on the PCRE lib by iceeLyne.

* dwin.database.sqlite :

SQLite database D wrapper by iceeLyne.

And more...


Building on Windows

Assume DWin installed to D:\d\dwin

Building a static library of DWin, Just :

1 Download and install DSSS from DSSS

2 Copy D:\d\dwin\dsss.conf to D:\d\dsss.conf

3 run

	dsss build dwin 


Make suggestions and ask questions in the :

DSource Forum



DWin on DSource





If you've got some Tango based code lying around that you think everyone could benefit from let us know!


16 Oct 2007, DWin 0.10 released

21 Oct 2007, DWin 0.20 released

16 Dec 2007, DWin 0.30 released

10 Feb 2008, DWin 0.35 released

3 Mar 2008, DWin 0.36 released

7 May 2008, DWin 0.37 released

6 August 2008, DWin 0.38 released

13 Apr 2009, DWin 0.39 released

  • What's New: added all Windows XP COM type library
  • Break Changes: Rename Windows COM Variant to VARIANT
  • Bug fixes: fixed dmd compiling warning.

13 Feb 2011 DWin 0.40 released

  • revision 377
  • Update to DMD 1.056, Tango 0.99.9
  • pcre.lib updated to PCRE 8.02, sqlite3.lib updated to SQLite


  • dyuyan at gmail dot com