Note: This website is archived. For up-to-date information about D projects and development, please visit

Welcome to DStress

DStress is a collection of bug tracking and language conformance test cases for the D programming language. It was originally developed by Thomas K├╝hne and it's former home can be found here. As Thomas seems to be unreachable, this project was created to keep DStress alive and up to date.

Unfortunately, that didn't quite work out as I had hoped. DStress needs your help! If you found a broken or outdated test - or even have some new tests - and want to commit your change, please email send an e-mail to kamm incasoftware de or (or open a Ticket).

To get a copy of DStress, you will need to use mercurial. The following command will check out a clone of the repo:

hg clone dstress