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The bridge part of this project has been superseded by a language extension project made by Michel Fortin: D/Objective-C
The tool part of this project has been superseded by a new implementation: DStep

DStep is a D <-> Objective-C (objc) bridge. The primary goal of DStep is to be able to build applications on Mac OS X using D and Cocoa. The secondary goal is to be able use most of the system libraries on Mac OS X (and other Objective-C libraries) with D. DStep consists of three parts: the bridge, bindings to be used with the bridge and three scripts to generate those bindings.

The ideas of this project and the API of the bridge is based on the D/Objective-C bridge by Michel Fortin.

The three parts of the bridge


Revised BSD license also known as three clause BSD license.

All other parts of DStep are licensed under the Boost Software License