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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is everything underlined in red ?

Perhaps the Eclipse internal spell checking is turned on which does not work quite nice with Descent yet. Its recommended to disable spell checking under Windows->Preferances->General->Editors->Text Editors->Spelling.

Why am I not getting autocompletion ?

Please check the following:

  • Your project has a standard library in it's include path, like phobos or Tango. Actually, the minimum requirement is that you have an object.d or an object.di file in your include path. Both of these libraries have them.
  • You add include paths in the correct way. That means pointing the include path to the correct directory. For example you include a folder named "foo" that contains a lot of D files. One of those D files is called "bar.d". You open "bar.d" and notice it's module declaration: "module;". That means the module is supposed to be inside a "foo" directory. So you shouldn't really be including the "foo" directory, but instead you should be including the parent directory of "foo".

If none of these work, you can tell what's the real problem by turning semantic errors on by going to "Windows -> Preferences -> D -> Compiler". It should ask you to re-analyze every project. Then you should see red squiggles indicating the error.