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DDL Guestbook

Feel free to say 'hi' and let us know who you are and what you think! - Pragma aka Eric Anderton

Hi! Great project, Eric! Way to go! ;) - Lars Ivar Igesund aka larsivi

w00t ! Keep up the good work, I'm surely gonna use it :D - Tomasz Stachowiak aka h3r3tic

This is just what I've been looking for; I want a flexible plugin architecture which works with D. Really looking forward to using it. - Dave Gileadi

I'm looking forward to ELF support, but the project alreadys looks very, very promising. This could be one of D's central features to make it the killer language. John Demme

This is the one project that will make D stand-out from almost all other statically compiled languages. I'll use it extensively for two different server projects. BTW, Eric: you prompted me to add a Wiki page for Mango, and I stole some of your nice layout ideas :) Could you please make a Mango Tree logo as cool as the DDL one? :) - Kris

It's exciting to see this project making such headway. Thank you for putting so much time into it, Eric. I really look forward to seeing where it takes D. All the best! - John Reimer

I've just found a use for DLL in my Freudo project. I can use it to plugin 'built-in' extensions to the interpreter. Derek Parnell

This looks really useful. Thanks to Eric and team for all the work. - Mark Wrenn aka mrw