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DDL Downloads

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DDL is broken down into several different packages for download. If you're after everything DDL related, then check out the SDK. Otherwise, the library source, utility source and utility executables are all available as separate downloads.

It is reccomended that you acquire the latest version of DMD, Mango and Build to compile DDL sourcecode.


The Standard Development Kit contains all the source, documenation and scripts for DDL development.

DDL Beta SDK - All Platforms - Zip Compressed

In order to run the D scripts provided, simply run/compile them with Build.

DDL Beta Documentation

Doc generation is presently offline pending a complete overhaul of the doc generation system. This will be available closer to release.

DDL Beta Utilities

The DDL utilities package is a collection of programs designed to help programming with the DDL library. These are explained in more depth on the Utilities Page. The sourcecode for the utils is available via the SDK, above.

DDL Beta Util Binaries - Win32 - Zip Compressed

DDL Beta Util Binaries (1.1B) - X86 Linux - Zip Compressed