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DDL Contributors

Eric Anderton

aka Pragma

Pragma's Dsource Profile

  • Project founder and architect.
  • OMF support
  • In-Situ support
  • Zip support
  • Runtime Linker
  • DDL tools


AgentOrange's Dsource Profile

  • COFF support
  • Win32 testing

Lars Ivar Igesund

aka larsivi

larsivi's Dsource Profile

  • ELF support
  • Linux testing

Kris Bell

Kris' Dsource Profile

  • Win32 testing and moral support

Don Clugston

Don Clugston's Dsource Profile

  • Compile-Time Symbol Mangler
  • Meta library

James Dunne

  • Seed code for the Runtime Symbol Demangler

Peter Moore

  • Testing, bugfixes and OMF expertise

Tomasz Stachowiak

aka H3r3tic

H3r3tic's Dsource Profile

  • Win32 Testing
  • Contributed improvements to DDL interface
  • Maintenance and some bug stomping