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The WindowsAPI Project


The odbc32.lib file that comes with DMD 1.0 (actually, it comes with DMC) is for ODBC version 2 and is incompatible with D DBI. The most recent version comes with the MDAC 2.8 SDK. After installing it, go to the directory it was installed in (by default, C:\Program Files\Microsoft Data Access SDK 2.8), and go to Libs\x86. Copy odbc32.lib to either dm\lib or the location of your project. It can then be converted to a format recognizable by OptLink (DMD's linker) by opening a command prompt and typing coffimplib -f odbc32.lib. Note that coffimplib is required.

A quicker solution might be to create your own odbc32.def file manually. See topic #1803 for more details. But the above solution with installing MDAC 2.8 and using coffimplib is probably more reliable.

If you would like to avoid this hassle in the future, please make a request on the D newsgroup that Walter includes the most recent versions of the Windows library files with DMD/DMC. He has a license to redistribute those files. D DBI does not.


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