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Of course, the name is quite immaterial as you can always rename it to anything you like.

The New Name

I've decided to call the utility 'Bud' from now on. The project name is still 'Build' though because it has been hardcoded into too many things to change.

Name That Have Been Suggested

dbuild Frits van Bommel, Hasan Aljudy, David L. Davis, Kirk McDonald, freeagle, Carlos Santander, Jarrett Billingsley, Walter Bright, Kent Boogaart, Dawid Ciężarkiewicz, James Pelcis, Bruno Medeiros, Chris Pelling, Anders Bergh, Eric Anderton, Stefan Liebig, Gregor Richards, Tomas Lindquist Olsen, JoeCoder?, Mike Parker, okibi
bud David L. Davis, John Reimer, clayasaurus,Alexander Panek, Derek Parnell
forgeD David L. Davis, Regan Heath
dccu David L. Davis
dggu David L. Davis
dub David L. Davis
dfpd David L. Davis
dobuild David L. Davis, clayasaurus
dsbuild David L. Davis
dmerge David L. Davis
dprism David L. Davis
deploy David L. Davis
dpkg David L. Davis
buildy Tom S, clayasaurus
duild-o Kent Boogaart
dvelop clayasaurus
dbeef clayasaurus
duab Derek Parnell
builDer Andrew Fedoniouk
buildDer Andrew Fedoniouk
creaDor Andrew Fedoniouk
abuildd Derek Parnell
beegat Derek Parnell
bob Stefan Liebig
dough mxcl