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2008 March 15

Version 4.00 is almost ready for releasing. With some luck, it should out before Easter.

2006 October 16

Version 3.04 was made available for downloading.

2006 September 20

Version 3.03 was made available for downloading.

2006 June 23

Version 3.02 was made available for downloading.

2006 June 09

Version 3.01 was made available for downloading.

2006 June 06

Version 3.00 was made available for downloading.

2005 August 09

Version 2.09 is now out for downloading.

2005 August 09

No date has been announced for the next release however it will contain various fixes:

  • The default Build Response File invoked when just placing '@' on the command line is now correctly named "build.brf"
  • For Windows environments, command line files can now use either "/" or "\" as path separator characters.

And enhancements:

  • The linker program is now used directly rather than being invoked via DMD.
  • You can now specify the default linker switches in the Build Configuration File.
  • Using the new switch -PP, you can now specify additional paths to search for files.
  • The files are now compiled and linked in the same order that they are scanned in. Previously the order depended on the hashing algorithm of D's associative array implementation and the names of the directories containing the source files.
  • The source files can be in any of the supported UTF encodings: ASCII, UTF-8 (with and without BOM), UTF-16 with BOM, and UTF-32 with BOM.

Not confirmed yet:

  • It will be possible to specify compiler command line options inside the source code by using a the new pragma COMPILE_OPTS. In that case, it will compile the source that contains this pragma as a separate step using the supplied options in the pragma statement.

2005 February

Build was first released as a beta edition