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    1 = Important Notice =\r\nIn the light of problems with SVN on dsource, this project has been migrated to GitHub on a trial basis.  Please go there for the latest version.\r\n\r\n[ Bindings repository on GitHub]\r\n\r\nPlease don't confuse this with the GitHub mirror linked below.  That is an automatically updated mirror of the project here on dsource.  This, on the other hand, is a new repository on GitHub which may become the live repository for the Bindings project.  If the decision is made to continue to maintain Bindings on GitHub, the wiki pages will be migrated in due course.\r\n\r\n= Welcome to Bindings =\r\n\r\nThis project houses a bunch of C language bindings for the D Programming Language.  They may be small enough to not warrant their own project.\r\n\r\nSee the [source:trunk source code] to search for a binding.  This project is open for SVN commits to all registered users.\r\n\r\n[ Forum]\r\n\r\n\r\n== !GitHub mirror ==\r\n\r\n[]\r\n\r\n\r\n== Starting Points ==\r\n\r\n * CairoGraphics\r\n * [wiki:DirectX DirectX] (source:trunk/directx): D Bindings for D3D11, DXGI, XInput, XAudio2, X3DAudio, Direct2D, and !DirectWrite\r\n * DefFiles (source:trunk/def): Definiton files (*.def) for win32 dll -> dmd interfacing\r\n * [ FreeImage] header (source:trunk/freeimage): [ related newsgroup post]\r\n * FreeType (source:trunk/freetype)\r\n * GnuScientificLibrary (source:trunk/gsl): bindings for the [ GNU Scientific Library]\r\n * gmp (source:trunk/gmp): gmp bindings for D\r\n * Jack (source:trunk/jack): [ Jack] audio system for professional cross-platform low-level audio I/O.\r\n * libarchive (source:trunk/libarchive-d): libarchive bindings for D\r\n * [wiki:libquicktime libquicktime] (source:trunk/libquicktime): [ libquicktime] for reading and writing quicktime/avi/mp4 files.\r\n * libjpeg (source:trunk/jpeglib.d): [ JPEG] bindings.\r\n * LLVM [source:trunk/llvm-2.6 2.6]/[source:trunk/llvm-2.7 2.7]/[source:trunk/llvm-2.8 2.8]/[source:trunk/llvm-2.9 2.9]/[source:trunk/llvm-3.0 3.0] bindings for the llvm-c interface; [ LLVM].\r\n * LuaLib (source:trunk/lua): Lua libraries for D\r\n * OpenAudioLibrary (source:trunk/al): OpenAL Libraries for D\r\n * OpenGraphicsLibrary (source:trunk/gl): OpenGL Libraries for D\r\n * [wiki:Portaudio Portaudio] (source:trunk/portaudio): [ Portaudio] cross-platform low-level audio I/O.\r\n * RakNet (source:trunk/raknet): Basic RakNet functionality for D\r\n * SimpleDirectMediaLayer: SDL Libraries for D\r\n * sqlite3 (source:trunk/sqlite3-d): sqlite3 bindings for D\r\n * [ netcdf3] OOP binding for the gdc, dmd-2.0.x\r\n * [ Squirrel] (source:trunk/squirrel): see also\r\n * V4L2 (source:trunk/videodev2.d): Bindings for Video for Linux 2\r\n * WindowsApi (source:trunk/win32): bindings for the Microsoft Windows API\r\n * X11 (source:trunk/X11): X11 Libraries for D (currently supporting Xlib and XCB)\r\n\r\nGet the full SVN trunk with:\r\n{{{\r\nsvn co\r\n}}}\r\n\r\n\r\n== Trac Help ==\r\n\r\n * TracGuide: built-in documentation\r\n * TitleIndex: complete list of local wiki pages\r\n 
     1In the light of problems with SVN on dsource, this project [ has been migrated to GitHub on a trial basis].  Please go there for the latest version.