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Welcome to VSpluginD

VSpluginD is a Visual Studio plugin for the D Language.

Project Status

The project seems to have halted after the beta 1.0.2 release on 2006-01-20. The newest file in the downloads is (r93 on 2006-12-11). The effort seems to have been abandoned near the beginning of 2007. It seems like a bad sign that the last change to the repository (r94 on 2007-01-10) was a removal of the code. Also, no project member responded to a forum post asking about the status of the project.

A similar project that may be of interest is Visual D ( "Visual D is a Visual Studio package providing both project management and language services. It works with Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010, 2012 and 2013 as well as the free Visual Studio Shells."


Visual Studio 2005 Standard or above Edition.

download beta


list of partially implemented features.

  • Intellisense -complete only local/global declaration.
  • Smarat Indent -there is cases not auto indented correctly.

list of not implemented features.

  • Rebuild, Clean operation
  • Debugging
  • Code Formating

Bug List to be fixed as soon as possible


  • //FIXED: Visual Studio Crash when first completion without parsing operation

Smart Indent:

  • when typed "}" indent level should be -1.
  • if() while() ... following no {} blocks
  • indent after case: default:

VSpluginD Modules

Project Information

CategoryDevelopment Tools
Status4 - Beta
Short DescriptionVisual Studio plugin for D Language
Long DescriptionVisual Studio plugin for D Language
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