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VSpluginD is a Visual Studio plugin for the D Language.

Project Status

The project seems to have halted after the beta 1.0.2 release on 2006-01-20. The newest file in the downloads is VSpluginD_fixed.zip (r93 on 2006-12-11). The effort seems to have been abandoned near the beginning of 2007. It seems like a bad sign that the last change to the repository (r94 on 2007-01-10) was a removal of the code. Also, no project member responded to a forum post asking about the status of the project.


Visual Studio 2005 Standard or above Edition.

download beta



list of partially implemented features.

  • Intellisense -complete only local/global declaration.
  • Smarat Indent -there is cases not auto indented correctly.

list of not implemented features.

  • Rebuild, Clean operation
  • Debugging
  • Code Formating

Bug List to be fixed as soon as possible


  • //FIXED: Visual Studio Crash when first completion without parsing operation

Smart Indent:

  • when typed "}" indent level should be -1.
  • if() while() ... following no {} blocks
  • indent after case: default:

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Project Information

CategoryDevelopment Tools
Status4 - Beta
Short DescriptionVisual Studio plugin for D Language
Long DescriptionVisual Studio plugin for D Language
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