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Project configuration

The project configuration is similar to what you know from other languages:


Available macro replacements enclosed in $():

  • DMDINSTALLDIR: DMD Install path
  • WINDOWSSDKDIR: Windows SDK Directory
  • DEVENVDIR: Directory of Visual Studio executable devenv.exe
  • VSINSTALLDIR: Root directory of Visual Studio installation
  • VISUALDINSTALLDIR: Installation folder of Visual D
  • PLATFORMNAME: always Win32
  • OUTDIR: Ouptut path
  • INTDIR: Intermediate path
  • INPUTPATH/DIR/FILENAME/EXT/NAME: input file/project file components
  • PROJECTPATH/DIR/FILENAME/EXT/NAME: project file components
  • SOLUTIONPATH/DIR/FILENAME/EXT/NAME: solution file components
  • TARGETPATH/DIR/FILENAME/EXT/NAME: target file components
  • any variable from the system environment

Documentation generation using CanDyDOC

If you want to use CanDyDOC for documentation generation, you need to create a ddoc file that contains the list of modules. Visual D can automatically create this file. Here is how you can setup a project:

  • Create the documentation directory and copy the candydoc directory from the distribution into the documentation directory.
  • Add the file candy.ddoc from the candydoc directory to the project.
  • On the documentation configuration page, enable documentation, set the documentation directory
  • Specify a CanDyDOC module file that is generated by Visual D