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Visual D aims at providing seamless integration of the D programming language into Visual Studio.

Visual D is a Visual Studio package providing both project management and language services. It works with Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010 and 2012 as well as the free Visual Studio Shells. See the Installation instructions, especially if not using a commercial edition of Visual Studio.

This site will probably be out-of-date soon, please redirect your browser to http://dlang.org or http://rainers.github.io/visuald/visuald/StartPage.html

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OSWindows XP,Vista,7
LicenseArtistic License 2.0
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Use the navigation bar on the left to take a tour of Visual D including a lot of screen shots.

  • Project management with all DMD options available through the UI
  • Syntax highlighting with special version and token string support
  • Import statement completion, semantic word-completion
  • Underlining of syntactical errors
  • Goto definition
  • Parameter info tooltips
  • Code outlining
  • Symbol/File search window
  • Integration of cv2pdb and Mago for nice debugging experience
  • Profiler browse window
  • Support for Error List, Code Definition window, Object Browser and Class View
  • C++ to D Conversion Wizard
  • Code completion and tooltips from semantic analysis of source code
  • Support for building with GDC instead of DMD (including 64-bit code)
  • Completely written in D



Full version history and complete details...

2014-04-12 Version 0.3.38


2013-11-02 Version 0.3.37

  • Installer now supports VS 2013, updated to cv2pdb 0.27, mago 0.8, fixes x64 debugger in VS 2012 Shell
  • improvements to "Compile and Run"
  • improvements to syntax/coverage highlighting
  • DParser engine now used by default, updated to recent version
  • single file options now available per project configuration
  • added global option to display the reason for building a target
  • added different options for executable and library search paths to be used for Win32/x64
  • link dependencies can now also be monitored for the 32-bit MS linker
  • added commands "Collapse unittests" and "Collapse disabled" to the outlining menu

This will be the last release made on dsource.org, please redirect your browser to http://dlang.org or http://rainers.github.io/visuald/visuald/StartPage.html

2013-05-10 Version 0.3.36

  • updated to new features of the language and tooling as of dmd 2.062
  • basic LDC support
  • added new option pages for DMD/GDC/LDC directories
  • DParser by Alexander Bothe (https://github.com/aBothe/D_Parser) integrated as an alternative semantic engine
  • added command "Compile and Run" to execute current text buffer or selection via rdmd
  • added option "Colorize coverage from .LST file" to highlight lines from code coverage output



The latest installer can be downloaded here. You can find older versions and some additional files in the download directory.