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some doc about classes and interface in dejavu


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    1414The GNU Classpath has GPL + the "extension", in my understanding this is like the LGPL. Probably the licence is OK. 
    1515Perhaps, i will switch Dejavu to a port of the GNU classpath or the upcoming free SUN jre - OpenJDK. In the start of the TioPort project it seemed to be more practical to do a manual implementation of the few classes SWT requires. 
     17== Objects and Interfaces == 
     19In Java and D, there is an root class. Every class derives directly or indirectly from "Object". In Java every interface is compatible to "Object" also. In D this is not true. To solve this, dejavu uses JObject as a root interface, and JObjectImpl as a root class. 
     21If you want to implement such an interface, take care to also derive from JObjectImpl, or implement all missing function from JObject. Implementing those functions makes only sense if you need a certain base class. An example is the Throwable class. The ported version shall be derived from the D Exception class. Because of that the ported version derives from Exception and implements JObject. 
    1723== Strings ==