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Welcome to TDC

TDC, the Trivial D Compiler, is a compiler for D using the DMD frontend, but using C as intermediary code. Because of this design decision, it should be very maintainable and portable.

Project Status

Development seems to have stalled with changeset 134 on 09-06-2007.

Getting TDC

Until it's stabilized, I'm not going to make an official release, but it is in subversion. You can browse the repository online.


For your amusement, there are example conversions available to peruse.

What's supported?

See WhatsSupported for a matrix of what currently does and doesn't work.

Phobos Status

The first milestone for TDC is compiling Phobos. The status of that is at PhobosStatus.

Starting Points

For a complete list of local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.