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Tango has always been a library for and by the community, where anyone could become a contributor. However, a few have been very much more involved than others, causing probably too much responsibility on those. Starting April 2010, with this post, we hope that the community can get more involved again and take more responsibility.

Community tickets

Most components now have the user community as their default assignee, meaning that they are free to be taken by you. The idea is that Tango users can take responsibility of bringing a ticket to closure, whether that is 'Fixed' or 'Wontfix'.

This query lists all currently open tickets assigned to the community user.

Becoming a contributor

If you're a first time contributor, you may have to contact an admin (kris or larsivi) on IRC, channel #d.tango at the Freenode network, or send a mail to to get the proper access rights.