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Mac OS X

Still in the same section, a note should telll Mac OS X users to use Apple's gcc source at Otherwise the compiled gdc crashes.

I'm using GCC 4.1.2 and it works just fine for me. Are you sure you're using the latest GDC revision? I just want to check before editing the page.

You're right, it worked fine when I retried, so it was me.

Someone should add another step for those of use who are using GDC 0.24. It's not obvious that you have to apply a patch to get a working Tango compiled!

Not anymore, as of revision [2502], thanks to Gregor.

I don't like the change that recommends not to use I happen to use it on Mac OS X, and it works just fine. Besides, the method described here doesn't backup GPhobos, while takes care of that. This point is especially important when upgrading GDC from source: it's necessary to uninstall Tango, install GDC, and then re-install Tango. If someone has experienced problems with, it would be better to report those problems as tickets, and even submit patches for it.

gdc 0.24 bug

Tango fails to build with gdc 0.24 due to a bug in gdmd (the wrapper script that emulates dmd) -- it does not build the header (.di) files. You can fix gdmd by setting "$header = 1" for the -Hf argument (approx line 190):

    } elsif ( $arg =~ m/^-Hf(.*)$/ ) {
        $header = 1;
        $header_file = $1;
    } elseif ...