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Tutorials Needed

Please see this page for tutorial guidelines.

When you select something from this list, please create a ticket for it and attach the ticket number to the description below (for example, see the ArgParser below). That way, we can keep track of who is doing what. Also, please add the wiki link for that tutorial on the Tutorials page


  • C interface (with tango.stdc et. al.)
  • simple IO with File, FileScan, FileConduit, iterators, console (#93)
  • intermediate IO with UnicodeFile, protocol usage etc
  • advanced IO with selectors
  • internet connectivity, InternetAddress, SocketConduit, MulticastSocket, ServerSocket, SocketListener, etc (#84)
  • HTTP connectivity with HttpClient, HttpPut, HttpGet, etc (#100)
  • FTP handling with
  • locale handling with tango.locale
  • tango.text.String
  • simple time/date handling with tango.util.time.Date and Time
  • thread managment with tango.core.Thread
  • inter-thread communication with tango.core.locks


  • logging (#83)
  • text formatting with the C# formatter (#104)
  • text conversions (numeric, dates, etc)
  • argument handling with tango.text.ArgParser (#74)