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Supported platforms and architectures

x86-32 Linux

  • best supported
  • dmd, gdc, ldc

x86-32 Windows

  • dmd, gdc

x86-64 Linux

  • works fine
  • some warnings compiling Tango
  • gdc

x86-64 Windows

  • gdc

x86-32 Mac

  • gdc


  • gdc

x86-32 FreeBSD

  • works with patched Tango
  • gdc

x86-32 Solaris

  • works with patched Tango, #1420
  • gdc

PPC Linux

  • gdc

ARM Linux

  • gdc

Sparc Linux

  • gdc


Other architectures/operating systems may work, but haven't been tested yet.

Feel free to extend the list.