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Manual Build and Install of Tango and DMD

With these instructions, the newest available DMD and Tango will be installed (to C:\dmd).

  1. Download DMD.
  • download the latest DMD 1.0 compiler.
  • extract the zip file
  • create a C:\dmd folder
  • move windows\bin and windows\lib from the zip file to C:\dmd
  1. Download DMC.
  • extract the zip file
  • move the containing "dm" directory to C:\
  1. Modify the environment path:
  • Go to "Control Panel" => "System Properties" => "Advanced" => "Environment Variables"
  • Append ";C:\dmd\bin;C:\dm\bin" to the "Path" variable.
  • Open up the windows console and type "dmd" and "dmc" to check if the programs are available.
  1. Get and install Tango.
  • Go to the Tango source browser
  • click on "Zip Archive" to download the newest Tango sources
  • extract the zip folder and move the trunk folder to C:\ (the directory can be deleted in the end)
  • open up a Command Line and type:
    cd C:\trunk
    .\build\bin\win32\bob.exe -vu -r=dmd -c=dmd .
    copy tango.lib C:\dmd\lib
    mkdir C:\dmd\import
    mkdir C:\dmd\import\tango
    xcopy C:\trunk\tango C:\dmd\import\tango /e
    xcopy C:\trunk\object.di C:\dmd\import
    del C:\trunk
  1. Configure DMD
  • Modify the Environment section of C:\dmd\bin\ to look like this:
DFLAGS="-I%@P%\..\import;%@P%\..\import\tango\core\vendor" -version=Tango -defaultlib=tango.lib -debuglib=tango.lib
  1. Testing
  • create a text file called "main.d":
module main;


void main(char[][] args)
  Stdout("Hello World!").newline;
  • in a windows console, go to the directory you created main.d and type
dmd main.d
  • "Hello World!" should be printed on the screen
  • Have fun! :-)