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To install Tango on Solaris, we will use LDC.

  • Compile LDC with these instructions.
  • Install LDC to /opt/ldc:
    mkdir /opt/ldc
    mkdir /opt/ldc/bin
    mkdir /opt/ldc/import
    mkdir /opt/ldc/lib
    cd ./ldc/bin
    cp ldc ldmd ldc.conf /opt/ldc/bin
  • Compile and install Tango:
    export PATH=/opt/ldc/bin:$PATH
    svn co
    cd trunk
    ./build/script/bob.rb -vu -r ldc -c ldc .
    cp libtango.a /opt/ldc/lib
    cp -r object.di tango /opt/ldc/import/
  • Change the contents of /opt/ldc/bin/ldc.conf to:
    switches = [

  • Create a main.d:
    void main()
       Stdout("Hello World.").newline;
  • Compile it to verify that LDC with Tango working:
    ldc main.d